Never underestimate an icon

September 23rd, 2011

I’ve always been somewhat of a logo nerd. When I was in college studying to get my BFA, I had an affinity for logo designs and how the interplay of how a visual lexicon could infer both meaning and emotion. The Egyptians were probably the most famous for building an entire written language using pictures, but all written communications are a derivative of using graphical representations to convey intellectual information. At some point I’ll get around to adding some of my better ideas and designs to the blog, but I’m always on the lookout for good work or innovative ideas with respect to icons.

I find that airports, with the need to services multiple languages, are often more saturated with iconographic symbols than perhaps any other public space. As such you always find some gems. Like this for instance.

Bathrooms here

Now, this logo works, and its very clear that this is the universal sign for restroom, but I thought the design for the woman was a bit over the top. I saw this in London and I commented to my wife that it was the restroom for women whom had swallowed open umbrellas. We got a jet lagged chuckle out of it and moved on. It turns out that this was a very specific bathroom, for a very specific woman. I found her on the streets of NYC the other day. She needs to go a long way to pee.

FTC Sharpens Google Probe

August 11th, 2011

Six weeks after serving Google with broad subpoenas, Federal Trade Commission lawyers, in conjunction with several state attorneys general, have been asking whether Google prevents smartphone manufacturers that use its Android operating system from using competitors’ services, these people said.

They also have inquired whether Google grants preferential placement on its website to its own products, such as Google’s “Places” business listings, its “Shopping results” and Google Finance services above most other results.

Don’t be evil, huh?


The S&P nails it

August 8th, 2011

“America’s ability to pay is neither here nor there: the problem is its willingness to pay. And there’s a serious constituency of powerful people in Congress who are perfectly willing and even eager to drive the US into default. The Tea Party is fully cognizant that it has been given a bazooka, and it’s just itching to pull the trigger. There’s no good reason to believe that won’t happen at some point.”